Ink by Rose M

Congratulations to Rose M, who's story "Ink" has been selected for publication in Toi Toi magazine. Click here to read this exciting short story or view Rose reading her story aloud.

Ink by Rose Maclean
(full name used with permission from Rose)

Welcome to 2019! Here are our 2019 Councillors.

Last Thursday we were introduced to our Y8 Councillors.  Check out their video introducing themselves and their goals for the year.


Hello glendowie,
I, Hianno along with Marco, are your new Y8 Property councillors for 2018!
We also have 2 amazing Y7 property leaders, Hannah and Aidan.
For our job we set up different kinds of things and helps around the school. We are in charge of setting up assembly's and we are like Mr.Kloppers minions.

If you have any questions or things you need to ask, then you are welcome to come and see one of us!
Thank you for your support.

PYP/international Councillors

Hi! We are Michaela and Louise and we are the PYP/international councillors for 2018. Our role consists of making our internationals feel most comfortable at GPS, we are also trying to promote the PYP system around our school. The way we plan on doing this is by having a booklet when they enter our school, it will include all of the things they would need to know and maps and rules of our school. We would also like to have an action wall in the hallway to library.

Yearbook Cover Competition Results

Finally the day has arrived! We've had so many great entries so a big congratulations to everyone who entered! After the syndicate voted we have our two winners for the front and back cover of the 2018 Yearbook. Don't worry if yours didn't win because it will still be included in the inside of the yearbook.

By Chriszelle Veloria 


By Lisa Ozaki 
Thanks to all who participated!   We're looking forward to releasing the Yearbook at the end of this year.
Thanks, Media Team Councillors Benjamin and Sam

Update on I.T.

Hi everyone, I.T. councillors here. We have the Edison course set up for year 3 & 4. Now we are setting up a Make bot course.